Coast-to-Coast Clean Energy Challenge

an NPX Initiative

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The Coast-to-Coast Clean Energy Challenge

Canada has committed to achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050. Given the scale of this challenge, the changes to our technology, infrastructure, economy, and social structure will be profound.

Meeting the greatest challenge of our lifetimes will require leveraging technology we already have, developing technology we don’t, and implementing change in the spirit of social justice for all.

Lets work together to make good things happen!

Education is at the heart of change

"We believe it is the responsibility of every individual, every company, to make the world we live in a better place...and what better place to start than in your local community."

Introducing the Challenge

We believe that nuclear energy is key in fighting the climate crisis. We are doing our part to make nuclear more cost effective by integrating modern tools and technologies into the way we operate nuclear plants.

We stay ahead of tech trends, experimenting with proof-of-concepts, piloting projects and deploying high quality solutions and experiences. 


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